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produce I - HUNDERTWASSER Litho WWF SIGNED LIMITED Ed 44 / 2,500

By Siriphong P.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Fund Raising Print - Lass sie leben - Let it life
Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide! Numbered by hand!

Edition/Copy Number: 44 of 2,500 (number on the photo isn´t identically!!)

Year: 2000
Size: 39 x 41.2cm

Description: Offset lithography in 7 colors with metal embossings, numbered by hand, printed signature. Dedicated the WWF Austria, Vienna, in the context of the protection program for ten threatened kinds, which stand for the substantial habitats of Austria, the rural culture landscape coined/shaped from the high mountains to.
Print: by B. Wörner, Rutesheim, Germany
Publisher: by Gruener Janura AG, Glarus, Switzerland
Reference: Catalgue Raisonne APA 123, 717A, Page 1008

*PRICE $2,600 USD.

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