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produce III - HUNDERTWASSER Pewter Medallion Zwiebelregenturm Traenen

By Siriphong P.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser's "Three Dimensional Coin Sculpture"

Sculpture"Zwiebelregenturm und Traenen" (Onionraintower and Tears)

Vienna 1987 Diameter 10 cm / 4 inches

Cast in Pewter

Reverse: work number, title, year, Hundertwasser's signature in the metal, modeller's sign, publisher and serial number

This medallion (coin sculpture) was designed by Hundertwasser, produced under his direction and then donated for fundraising and presented and offered for sale during the German ARD television lottery on Janury 30, 1988 for charity.
It comes in the original cardboard box that has additional pictures and information. The box shows its 21 years of age in that it has slight tears near the tab that closes the box and some edge wear.

*PRICE $900 USD.

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